Saturday, March 14, 2009


my week in new york was pretty sweet.
have pictures to post later--but i left my jump drive at home :(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another new iPod?

Apple introduced another new iPod--this time they have redesigned the shuffle:

The design's pretty snazzy--you control the songs and volume via ear buds. But it only comes in silver and black.

Boring. Especially for Apple.

Monday, March 9, 2009

a year and half search is over

Jordan and I got engaged in December of 2007. Since I only had three semesters left of college, we decided to wait until I graduated to tie the knot. This gave me plenty of time to obsessively pour over The Knot and Weddingbee. I've been looking for invites since the beginning of our engagement, since I knew I wanted to DIY them (after designing two of my friend's invites, I fell in love with wedding stationary).

I looked at pocket folds, letterpress, buying a gocco, and not DIYing them because I was a little overwhelmed. But thanks to a post via Weddingbee I now have my invitations!


I love them--simple, but different. Elegant, but cheap. And with a few minor color changes, they will fit in perfectly with my vintage-Victorian-black/pink/ivory wedding!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

spring has arrived!

By evidence, I walked outside this morning around 7 am to a nice warm temperature of about 68 and a very slight breeze. My joy was further continued when I found two emails in my inbox stating I had won the following two novels:

(via bookingmama)

(via devourer of books)

I will be spending the spring doing this:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For the past couple of days this diverse and beautiful country has been on my mind.

Granted, most of my knowledge of India comes from a few fiction books, a couple of Bollywood films and a little bit of studying on the country, but I would love to see it. So much history, beautiful architecture and so many interesting people...

And this...just because I like it :)

something blue

In the spirit of wedding-type post, here is a conversation I had today with my roommate (Update on her dad: He's looking better today. Still in need of prayers.).

Me: You have a package.
Jen: Go get it. It's probably Whit's birthday gift.
Me: Okay.

Me and Jen have a chat about work and her boo while I walk from our dorm to the mail room.

Me: Got it.
Jen: Open it see if it is Whitney's gift.
Me: No, it's some blue cameo hair pins.
Jen: Oh, that's yours. Yay for presents. It's the something blue I told you I would get you.

(bought from

They look so much better in person. I love them.

My best friend is awesome.

wedding update

With only 136 days until my wedding, I've been trying to work on stuff, like invites and bridesmaid dresses. I have a check-list that I really need to work on. But I wanted to share a gem I found today while perusing a new wedding blog

Meet Juliarae:

I'm totally in love with these shoes. I can't find them in pink, but black or grey satin. But oh my goodness, I want them anyway.

Le sigh. So pretty.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

missing the UK

Congrats! You're about 62% knowledgable of fantasy worlds and/or London Tube stations.

Congrats, you're either fairly well-read in your fantasy or you have a better than average knowledge of London. Either way, these skills will come in handy for you someday as a London cabbie or a panelist at GenCon.

London Underground Station or Fictional Fantasy Location?
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Please pray

Please pray for my sweet roommate and her family. Her dad recently had a heart surgery and isn't doing well. She is on her way home now.

five for five

No, it is not roast beef sandwiches. Our school bookstore was having a sale on the baragin books and I picked these five books for five dollars. Not a bad deal..

(For my scrapbook)

(These two are Christmas presents for my cousins)

(I didn't realize that this was about Disney fairies, but I love Gail Carson Levine's stories )

(Book of poetry paired with some beautiful art. I love it)

Monday, March 2, 2009

So much to say, so little time to type.

My post for The Life and Times of Victoria by Dorothy Marshall is up and running at the Victorian Challenge website. Click the button to read it!

The roomie and I are 15 days away from the Big Apple. I'm so excited! Still looking for recommendations for places to see in Hyde Park, NY and NYC!

Lakshmi, goddess of compassion

We visited a Hindu temple today in Tulsa--one of most interesting trips I've made to a religious site. I really enjoyed looking at the temple and listening to the priest. Make me want to look about at the books I've read about India and re-examine them (I went through a phase Winter 2007 when I read about six or seven fiction books about India or Indians.)

I'm coming to the end of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which makes me sad. Such a good book--it's broken into small chapters/stories so it is nice to have in my bag when I just have a few moments to read. Pick up a copy if you haven't read it yet. It's going straight to the top of my favorites list. Speaking of books, I won an ARC copy of Golden Girl by Micol Ostow this weekend at Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf. Be sure to check her website out! Thanks Lauren!