Wednesday, October 29, 2008


tuesday jen and i drove up to Emporia State University to meet with the department heads of library science (me) and psychology (jenny).

it was awful.

jenny's person forgot about her. just forgot. and her second meeting took place fifteen minutes after it was schedule. she was fuming by the time we met back up.

after navigating the largest building on campus to an unmarked office area in the corner, i arrive to my appointment with the director.

she went over the program, assistantships, what i need to do to get in. And then spoke for about 45 minutes about how i should not apply for library school, that i should go and work at a library for a few years and then apply to library school.

awesome. just what i wanted to hear. ma'am could you please tell me when i could find a full-time library position without a library science degree? Sure, i mean, one has to exist somewhere. but not around here. and it also makes me think i'm not cut out for this.

however, at end of the day, jen and i both decided that at least we have one less place we have to apply to.

next on my list of grad schools to visit:

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