Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Night at the Park

Jenna, one of my favorite bloggers, host a series of challenges every month. I've completed a few of them, like going to the doctor and baking a chocolate cake (from scratch! be proud!). I've also signed up for a few and forgotten to take pictures or do them. But this month, I've managed to do April's lifestyle challenge AND take pictures. Shocking, right?

I'll be accepting my award later in this post.

April's lifestyle challenge is do some activity for free. For cero dollars. So on Good Friday, and after spending a night spending a lot of money seeing the Hannah Montana movie and going bowling, we (me, the roomie and her beau) dropped by the roomie's beau's home, whipped up some hot chocolate and took it to the park.

The photographic evidence:

The roomie wore this hat. I'm not sure why.

There is only one swing for anyone above the age of three at the park. I took it.

That left the roomie with six baby swings to choose from. In this horrible grainy photography she is showing her awesome balance skills.

We sat on the swings for a while, talking about other random trips to the park and our Easter plans. By this time, after the movie and bowling and talking, it was quite late and come to find out the park closes at eleven--a good two hours after we had arrived. So we left after two police cars showed up and kindly informed us of the park's closing time :)
But all in all, despite freezing temperature and watching two cop cars drive up behind our car, it was quite fun...and free.

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