Friday, January 9, 2009

bad blogger!

I was doing so well, posting five days in a row. And then last night, after watching Sydney White with the roomie, it was Zzzzzzzzz. I was so tired. This back-to-school thing is catching up with me.

It might have to do with the fact that I stayed up until 2 or 3 three in the morning and slept until I woke up over break.

Just sayin'.

Tonight is the roomie and mine's "date" night. Since it is our last semester we've decided to have one night a week where she and I just hang out.

No other friends. (but we still love you!)
No significant others.

Just me and her.

Tonight is our first "best friends" date night. We're going to see Bride Wars!

"My hair is blue! BLUE!"

Next week we are off to the lake to hang out with my grandparents and just relax. But for future dates, I think we might go see some shows in Tulsa.

This opera comes to the PAC is March!

Travel to Kansas to walk the yellow brick road.

The roomie is from Kansas.

We are also planning on hitting up the Little House on the Prarie, complete with a picnic.

It's only about 30 minutes from our school.

We have some other fun things planned--none cost over 25 dollars and I can't wait to share the pictures from all of our fun "dates." Anyone have any inexpensive fun things to do?

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