Monday, January 5, 2009

What's up Doc?

(horrible cartoon reference, i know. sue me.)

One of my favorite blogs to read is That Wife. Jenna is also Mrs. Avocado from Weddingbee and she also happened to marry a Pole whose family grew up close to Krakow---yay for Polish heritage and Europe! Her blog is awesome and frequently updated (unlike mine) and her newest feature is start some challenges for each month-a FOOD challenge, a PHOTOGRAPHY challenge, and a HEALTH challenge. I love this idea!

I've signed up for the health challenge. I need to make an eye appointment for my yearly check-up and then visit my doctor about a mole on my back and one on my arm. My mom had a spot of skin cancer show up on her chest last summer, and I really should went to the doctor then, but between my trip and school starting I just forgot about it. But by the end of January I will have them removed. And, bonus, the mole on my back was visible in my wedding dress and now it will be gone!

On a different note, school starts tomorrow. My last semester ever. I'm taking a World History class, a Comparative Religion course, Portfolio, Writing for Mass Media, Raquetball Activity, and a Psych/Lit course which I'm going to go crazy over. I'm now off to pay for school and buy my books.

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