Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

-last class of the day cancelled
-no work

-all classes cancelled
-no work


My little town might be paranoid. It seems everytime some form of storm passes through, we begin to believe we are doomed.

It's sprinking out?
Oh god, it's going to flood. Remember in 1986 when all of Bartlesville was underwater....

Tornado. There is going to be a tornado. We better gather up the candles...

A bit of snow?
Cancel school! The buses can't make it out in these type of weather.

To be honest, Bartlesville has flooded several times, including just two years ago. And last winter a really bad ice storm hit, knocking out some people's power for a month. My own power was knocked out for three weeks. And we do get some massive snow storms occasionally.

And yes, we are smack dab in the middle of Tornado Alley.

So maybe we have a reason to freak out. Or maybe we just like to be prepared.

Just don't try and go find water at Wal-Mart today :)

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